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Welcome to ConstruDeco

Creating doors and windows, building trust

About us

With over 20 years leading the market, we were the first to manufacture and distribute European PVC doors and windows. Thanks to our "vertically integrated" structure, we meticulously supervise each phase of the process, guaranteeing products of unsurpassed quality. These doors and windows have become the standard of excellence for residences, hotels, offices, and multiple infrastructures. Its durability, functionality, and aesthetics are unmatched. Our trajectory is reflected in the trust and satisfaction of our clients. By choosing us, you are opting for quality and the experience and commitment of a leading company.


Through the European PVC doors and windows that we sell, we perceive the world around us. These elements act as the link between the construction and our environment; an open window to new perspectives. They not only let light into your home, but also imbue it with air and vitality. ConstruDeco products give character and contrast to each space; They define its breadth and dimension, evoke sensations and establish unique environments. These also serve as architectural connection points, and therefore, are essential for merging the landscape with the built design. Inspired by ancient architectural traditions, our products represent a visual transition, delineating the boundary between architecture and the majesty of nature.

Contact Us

Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Colonia Tepeyac, Avenida Tolteca, #1027

Tel: +(504) 9495-0291 

¡Gracias por contactarnos!

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